Write Like Austen

A Regency Word Processor

Enter a word or a phrase and find out if you are truly speaking and writing like the great author herself! Perhaps a phrase like this:

‘Go henceforth at once’

Yes, this line is Austenesque in style and correctly spelled!

Do you wish to write like Jane Austen? Do you struggle with word choice and ask is this indeed a word Jane might have written? Stop and worry no more there is a website that can help resolve these issues for you.

Would Jane have used the word, ‘okay’?

No, dear reader she would not, instead this wonderful website tells us she would have used the following words(where the numbers in brackets nicely tell us how often she used a word):

fine(229) approve(32) sanction(10)

Go henceforth at once to Write Like Jane Austen.com !