Being Jane

Walk in the footsteps of Jane Austen through the map below and photos of places from Jane’s world.



Nobody is healthy in London, nobody can be


Covent Garden

10 Henrietta Street

Henrietta Street


If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, then she must seek them abroad

Northanger Abbey


Covent Garden — Jane visited Henry at 10 Henrietta Street which is around the corner from St. Paul’s Church.

St. Paul's Church

Entrance from the courtyard side

St. Paul's Church

View from Covent Garden side


Jane last home and final resting place

8 College Street

The Sea

A little sea-bathing would set me up forever.

Pride & Prejudice


Did Jane visit Charmouth when she was at Lyme Regis?

Jane's Birth Place

Steventon Rectory

The home where Jane lived is long gone but the church she attended is still there! Interesting article from the BBC on the archeological dig for the house.

Jane's Last Home

8 College Street, Winchester, England

The Home In Chawton

This is where Jane spent her final years with Cassandra. It is now a museum

Jane Austen's Home in Chawton

Chawton House

Chawton House

Home to Jane’s brother Edward Austen Knight now a center devoted to the study of early women authors.

Winchester Cathedral

Jane’s Final Resting Place

Henry's home in London

10 Henrietta St

Henry lived here after Eliza’s death. Jane visited.

Lyme Regis

Jane went to Lyme Regis in 1803 and 1804

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