We were no longer good society
“We were no longer good society”, so says the narrator of Jane Austen’s Fight Club. This video mash-up of the polite society of Jane’s books and characters and the neo-noir drama film Fight Club brings a delightful take on the refined elements of Jane’s books. Each time I watch it different details emerge that delight me everything from, the exchange of ‘polite affections’ between the Asian actress and the tall, thin, blonde man at the beginning, to the credits announcing characters like The Dashwoods. Oh yes, I’ve watched it multiple times. Its fun and light-hearted, a good way to break up a long day. Trust me watch it for yourself. The actress playing Lizzie’s character is the driving force behind Jane Austen’s Fight Club and she brings an air of flagrant disregard for the rules along with a ‘bring it on’ attitude. I love that she dresses outside the boundary of the Regency era in sunglasses and a cheetah print coat.
Let’s Give Credit it’s Due:
Directed by: Emily Janice Card & Keith Paugh Written by: Emily Janice Card Director of Photography: Keith Paugh Editing and Visual Effects: Jeff Dickson Produced by: Jeff Dickson, Emily Janice Card, Wendy Crompton Stunt Choreography: Michelle Crompton Sound Department: Leslie Paugh & Russell Lloyd Makeup and Hair: Farrah Walker Cast: Esther Rawlings, Emily Janice Card, Farrah Walker, Wendy Crompton, Michelle Crompton, Julie Hinton, Jessica Preece, Bonnie Anderson, Tiffany Jordan, Renee Miller, Kristen Hill, Kathryn Kulish, David Axelgard, Travis Morgan