Recently, I found the online quiz, “Which Jane Austen heroine are you?” I thought why not, I’ll breeze right through it while I wait for my dinner to finish. Obviously, I’ll be someone like Elizabeth or perhaps, Elinor.  No, no, no that is not what I got.

I took the quiz multiple times. The first time I came up with Emma which totally surprised me. I don’t think of myself as a vain busy-body. And yes that is how I view Emma’s character.  I did the quiz a second time and came up with Lady Catherine de Bourgh. A trend was developing and I had gone from vain busy-body to an arrogant busy-body.  Now I was insulted and did the quiz a third time. All while the timer for my dinner beeped incessantly. But I must have answers, I must be someone good and kind and intelligent!!! Third time I ended with Anne Elliot. Hurrah!

Head on over to Oxford Dictionaries Blog and find out which Jane Austen Heroine you are.  Post your results on Facebook.