“He was the love of her life, no wait; he is the love of her life.”

That’s better. Even if he had given up on them she had not. She was convinced that they were meant to be together, forever. Maybe, just maybe there was an element of revenge in her plan…

Lurid Details, a novel of love lost, love battled and love regained?

Lurid Details

How many books and movies are there where the heroine has lost the love of her life and works on getting him back? Dozens, hundreds, thousands…In the spirit of this heroine here are a few of our favorite movies:

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French Kiss is one of our all time favorite Meg Ryan movies. Some how or another she manages to make her quest to get back her former fiance a man who has abandoned her for another woman look strong and not in the least bit pathetic. It’s one of those movies where you can turn a channel find it playing and start watching at any point in the story. Ms. Ryan delivers in a performance that is quintessentially her. She comes across as strong, not needy. It doesn’t hurt that the movie is filmed in Paris, the French countryside and be still my heart the French Riviera. And Kevin Kline is wonderful as the French thief who helps her.

Addicted to Love is on the opposite end of the spectrum from French Kiss in this movie Meg Ryan plays the part of a scorned woman who is out for revenge. It’s quirky at times and at other moments the perfect amount of dark humor. The addition of Matthew Broderick as the scorned man of the new woman in Ms. Ryan’s old lovers life is perfect. He is the light to Ms. Ryan’s dark.

In both Addicted to Love and French Kiss I found myself rooting for the different women; one who wants her man back and the other who wants revenge. Love is complicated, and simple and it brings out the best and the worst in us.

Priceless with the actress Audrey Tautou from Amelie and like Amelie this is a French movie with English subtitles but don’t let that stop you. The scenery is amazing as it is filmed in the south of France on the Mediterranean. And the fashion is to die for…Chanel, jewels. Quick overview Ms. Tautou plays the part of a young woman moving from sugar daddy to sugar daddy searching for the one man to set her up for life and along the way she has a fling with a bartender mistaking him for a young rich playboy.  The bartender is played by Gad Elmaleh. Mr. Elmaleh is the thrown over lover who chases after Ms. Tautou desperately trying to claim her love. The movie flies by without you noticing that you have been reading subtitles the entire time. Watch the trailer: