What do you do when your imaginary friends stop talking to you? Or when you have too many imaginary friends all silently or not so silently waiting their turn to speak? In our case we do something visual; color like a boss or turn to Polyvore.com. Polyvore is our not at all secret addiction. A place to build all of those outfits you want but can’t own; would never wear; a place to try on new personas, which is similar to creating new characters.

Cozy comfort for writer's block

I like the casualness yet chicness of this outfit we created. The vignette speaks of someone hunkered down in a chilly attic writing in a leather bound book; doing it old school, no laptop and definitely no typewriter. Her name is Diana. She writes in the attic by candle light but uses pricey, scented candles, you know the kind that are ridiculously expensive but oh so delicious to smell. Like the one below from diptyque which fits the bill for expensive at ~$600.

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She channels the witch’s story with her cool ring from Alexander McQueen. Don’t bother looking for it as it’s sold out. I found these on Amazon that seem equally as cool and won’t break the bank.

Our author is a mix of contradictions; she listens to country and drinks whiskey on the rocks; for this book. Next book she’ll switch it around; perhaps she will sit in a coffee shop, write on a laptop and sneak Bailey’s from a flask into her coffee. It all depends on what those imaginary friends tell her, that is if they’re ever back on speaking terms.