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Under the section of our website called Being Jane we have the Coloring Books page where we have put together a selection of Jane Austen themed adult coloring books along with pens and pencils. Because of course who wouldn’t want to sit and color like a little kid? Long before this trend started gaining traction a few years ago I had a set of pencils and a book of mandala designs. Some people knit or crochet, I color. There’s something very relaxing about coloring while watching an intense movie, such as Pride + Prejudice + Zombies [Blu-ray]!

It’s one thing for me to put together a collection of coloring books, etc but really I should try them myself. I mean really, how else will you know if you want to buy one. Oh sure, you could read the reviews. Or you could read my exciting blog post about my experience purchasing and using said products. In the interest of experimentation I purchased the following items:

The book has 55 removable pages of nice, heavyweight paper. The texture is lovely and the pages detach easily. I went with gel pens as opposed to pencils. I was tempted to try the Johnson’s Baby Oil, 20 Fl. Oz technique but the allure of the gel pens was too great. There are 48 gel pens packaged into 4 sets of pastels, neon, glitter and metallic. Definitely not true Jane Austen era colors. Here are a few things I learned:

  • The pens dispense a nice amount of gel, downside the pens dispense a lot of gel which means that sometimes you end up with too much.
  • Sometimes it is best to wait for everything to dry before you go back and attempt to ‘tart’ things up. Case in point see the “Every moment had it’s…” image below.
  • A little neon goes a long way…see image. Ugh, definitely a first attempt
  • Using the filters in Instagram will give your finished work an upgraded look as shown in the image at the beginning of the post.

img_0837 Friendship img_0835