How does one categorize all things Jane? That was the challenge facing us with regards on how to organize things here at Jane Undone. First I started with books that seemed easy enough. Create a category for Jane’s books, then create separate categories for books inspired by each book she wrote but wait what about books that are inspired by Jane herself? Right that’s a category but what about books that are a mash-up or based on characters from her novels? Ughhh!

What to do? I put books aside and moved on to movies, series, videos, etc. That seemed a safer course of action. Nope, nope, not at all, same issue different media, perhaps it would be best to start pointing to all of the other Jane Austen websites? Much safer to simply link and share other websites revolving around Jane. And it was while looking over my many book marked links that I found a blog post on website that helped defined our dilemma on how to categorize Jane Austen.

We think that Laurel Ann Nattress over at does a nice job of laying out the different categories. She starts by putting all of the different book categories under a “Jane Austen Sequel” and she then breaks things down from there. It’s a quick read go check it out: